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YG’s WINNER debuts

WINNER – Color Ring (2014)

WINNER has finally released their first album, “2014 S/S“. And I am posting about a boy band because…?

Spending a good 170 hours watching a group of people might make you attached to them. I worked the YouTube subtitles to YG and MNET’s official broadcasting of Who Is Next:WIN and WINNERTV between September 2013 and February 2014.

I was offered the job starting from episode 3 of WIN through a university friend who is working at YG. His team was in charge of strategy planning, and since I had translation experience and had been accepted to a Master’s in Interpreting and wasn’t charging out-of-the-roof fees, I got the job after a test drive on the episode.

What was really funny about the subtitling was…I found out how passionate fans can be:
1. MNET broadcasts new episode Friday evening.
2. Pirated and subtitled versions by fans start circulating by Saturday.
3. Pirated videos get reported by Sunday or Monday.
4. I upload the subtitles on the midnight between Monday and Tuesday.
Also, WINNER had fan pages, for each single member, even though they hadn’t yet made their official debut. That’s what I call dedication.

I also noticed that B.I and Bobby from Team B started starring on the hip-hop audition show “Show Me the Money 3“, to which Tablo is also a producer (both have been eliminated as of now).

2014080901000887100052651_99_20140808104107B.I. from Team B
Image source: CJ E&M via Sports Chosun

And did you know that the Twosome Studio in front of Hongik University is a collaboration between Twosome and Teddy, YG’s main producer? (The cafe’s decor speaks for its YG-ness, if you think about it)

Twosome Studio
Image Source: Sports Hankook

All in all, it seems YG is doing extraordinarily well since their IPO last year. They’re also registered for the following businesses at the DART, Korea’s Financial Supervisory Service:
– Cosmetics production (Art & Design International)
– Children’s clothing (BAPE Kids International)
– Modelling agency & coaching (K Plus Media)
– Hologram production (Next Interactive Limited): Which brings you the hologram shows of Psy, 2NE1 and Big Bang at Dongdaemun)

Wait, all this makes me sound like a YG fan. I do love 2NE1’s first two albums. Besides that, it’s just work-related tidbits, and honestly, YG Entertainment is a hugely successful company. They’re in the news too much for me to not know.

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