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[Documentary] Inside Korea’s Billion-Dollar Beauty Industry (i-D, 2016)

Episode 1
Grace faces Korea’s traditional beauty standards, and is wildly stared at by passers-by.
She talks to a young Korean woman who embodies Korea’s obsession with beauty.

“How would you feel if you could never wear makeup again?”
“I will die”

Episode 2
Grace talks to Korean tattoo artist Apro and gets passport photos of her made, heavily photoshopped so she looks ‘normal’

Episode 3
Grade sees Soljee, a young Korean woman, reveal her tattoos to her parents for the first time.

Episode 4
Grace meets a gang member and asks about the relationship between gangs and tattoos in Korea. She also meets a young woman who’s getting her first-ever tattoo. After seeing the young woman’s tattoo, her father decides to get one.

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