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Seoulsearching, Day 1: Homophobia

 On April 13th, the commander-in-chief of the Korean army was found guilty of ordering the army’s intelligence unit to “find the gays”: The army’s intelligence unit used fake IDs on Grinder and Jack’D to blacklist and interrogate gay soldiers, sexually harassing them in the process.


(In response to the report which exposed the Korean army’s blacklisting, interrogating and sexually harrassing of gay soldiers)

“Take me [into custody] too, I’m a gay woman” […] “Don’t say, ‘There aren’t any fucking faggots around me’, because I fucking am one, you fuckers!”


“Dear Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Korea, I am ÜberButch, the cute queer fairy who protects love and justice in the world. In the name of justice, I won’t forgive you!”

– From the sodomizing lesbian warriors


<Enactment on the Management of Troops>

Article 254 (2). A commander may not carry out active investigations on homosexual soldiers, i.e. though questionnaires in one’s sexuality, etc

Article 254 (4). A commander may not ask for the collection of data proving [a soldier’s] homosexuality.

Article 256 (1). All soldiers are banned from inflicting the following on homosexual soldiers: physical aggression, verbal aggression, sexual harassment and sexual violence.


“Dear Commander-in-chief,

[…] I was told I was a great soldier, but I still liked dick then. If liking dick deteriorates a soldier’s ability to fight, are you saying that all heterosexual women soldiers are terrible soldiers? […]

I wonder what you thought last year, at that meeting you had with the US Commander-in-chief, Erik Fanning, because he’s gay too. Did you think he should have gone to jail ?

[…] Also, if you don’t like men who like dick, don’t buy Apple products. Apple commemorates Alan Turing, [who was gay].”







“Borrow a spy camera detector from us!” – Women Students’ Council, Yonsei University.

Yonsei University, Ewha Woman’s University, Korea University and Seoul National University have all had spy cams installed in their women’s toilets by unknown perpetrators. Thousands of such “toilet spy cam” videos are uploaded and shared every month – with those watching them getting a thrill from the “humiliation” they can cause the woman by taunting them online.




Candidates to the presidential elections on May 9th. Key candidates Moon Jae-In and Hong Joon-pyo have repeatedly used the sentence “I disagree with/I cannot condone homosexuality”. Mind you, not “I disagree with legalizing gay marriage” – they disagree with people being homosexual.


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