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Millennial South Korean Feminist Movements – Press List

“They say it’s a shame to be living in this strange country”

“But we who fight are not ashamed of anything”

(Picture from Womenlink)

Here is a list of material covering millennial South Korean feminist movements. As a researcher, I am trying to compile a comprehensive list of academic literature, verified news articles and noteworthy opinion writing, and art projects on this topic. Please let me know if you feel something else should be added to this list at iamemilysingh@gmail.com

1. On Movements (Megalia, Womad, and others)

Haengdonghaneun Megalia (Megalia in Action)
행동하는 메갈리아 
(Anonymous, 6 Sept 2015 – 4 Dec  2015)

Korean Feminism Reins In the Collective Power of the Internet 
(Emily Singh, 8 Jan 2016)

Megalia: South Korean Feminism Marshals the Power of the Internet
(Emily Singh at Korea Exposé, 29 July 2016)

“Megalia” seonghyang ttara womadeu, ladism deungeuro bunhwa (Megalia Splits into Groups Such As Womad And Ladism) – Retrieved from archive.fo
‘메갈리아’ 성향 따라 워마드·레디즘 등으로 분화
(Kim Seo-yeong at Kyunghyang Daily, 8 July 2016)

In Defense of Feminism
(Se-Woong Koo at Korea Exposé, 7 Aug 2016)

In Defense Of South Korean Feminism: Rise Of Megalia & Other Online Communities
(Korea Observer with Chance Dorland, Se-Woong Koo, and Emily Singh)

2. On Misogynic Incidents and Crime

South Korea gaming: How a T-shirt cost an actress her job
(BBC, 15 Aug 2016)

Gangnam Murder, 17 May 2016

A woman is murdered for no other reason than being a woman. The assailants waits for hours outside the unisex toilet at a Gangnam noraebang (karaoke) until a woman goes into the cabinet alone. Upon her leave, he stabs her unto her death.

Misogyny in South Korea, Part I: Gangnam Murder
(Erik Thurman at Korea Exposé, 22 Nov 2016)

Murder at Gangnam Station: A Year Later
(Seohoi Stephanie Park at Korea Exposé, 18 May 2017)

‘Molka”: Illegal Spycam / Hidden Camera Porn

“There could be one of you”: S. Korea’s Spycam Porn Epidemic
(Jieun Choi at Korea Exposé, 20 October 2017)


Soranet pyeswereul duleossan daseot gaji jujang [Five Hypothesis on Soranet’s Shutdown] 
소라넷 폐쇄를 둘러싼 다섯 가지 주장
(Ize Magazine, 07 Dec 2015)


Pedophilia, Hebephilia and Lolita Culture

Twitter User Flags ‘PedoFILA’ Controversy
(Jieun Choi at Korea Exposé, 10 April 2017)

Sulli and K-Pop’s Lolita Hypocrisy
(Haeryun Kang at Korea Exposé, 20 Jan 2017)

3. On Legislation

Reproductive Rights: Menstruation & Contraception

Government Mulling Easier Access to Menstrual Cups
(Jieun Choi at Korea Exposé, 25 October 2017)

4. On Education

It Was Just Our Body. It Was Just Underwear
(Written by Sodam Cho and translated by Haeryun Kang, 12 October 2017)

5. In Pop Culture

Sulli and K-Pop’s Lolita Hypocrisy
(Haeryun Kang at Korea Exposé, 20 Jan 2017)




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Internationally lost since 2000, Emily was born in Seoul, raised in India, and has been living and studying in France, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands since 2014. A translator and interpreter by profession, she enjoys talking and debating just about anything.

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