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Seoulsearching Day 4: Yoeonhui-dong

Yeonhui-dong is best known for Yonsei University, the country’s prestigious private university, which was founded, like many others, in the 1900s by American missionaries. The school, while known for its liberal politics and vibrant student culture, also requires all students to enrol in religious studies courses (“Chapel” classes), regardless of their faith or study programme.

Young South Koreans love coffee / There should be more dustbins in public spaces

A giant Hello Kitty for a Hello Kitty-loving friend. I had to inform her that HK has proven to be inspired largely by Miffy/Ninjntje.

Sunset on campus

A view on Severance Hospital

Yeonhui-dong is definitely part of Old Town Seoul.

A stack of cartons which symbolise the elderly poverty issue in South Korea.

See Korea Exposé’s “No Country for Old People” (14 Sept 2014, by Se-Woong Koo) and NPR’s “A Forgotten Generation: Half Of South Korea’s Elderly Live In Poverty” (10 April 2015).

Cheap cool drinks for the hot summer

Belgian beers seem to be making their way into South Korean hypermarkets

Gone are the days of the Hite and Cass duopoly – craft beers are the new trend (except for when it comes to somaek)

The view form Yongsan Station

Another 40+ storey building

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