Liberté, égalité, fraternité
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[Documentary] Feminism Reboot (2018)

For this documentary on the feminist momentum, Korea Exposé has gathered several key actors in South Korean feminism, including:

  • Famerz
  • Femidangdang
  • Femimonsters
  • Feminism book cafe “Doing”
  • Flaming Feminist Action
  • Korea Sexual Violence Relief Center
  • Shootingfemi
  • Lee Min-Kyeong, author of Reclaim the Language and Reclaim the Heritage
  • Im So-Eun
  • Lee Eun-Saem
  • Park Seihoi
Director: Do Youjin
Story and narration: Kang Haeryun 
Cinematography: Choi Jieun & Do Youjin
Motion Graphics: Lee Subin


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Internationally lost since 2000, Emily was born in Seoul, raised in India, and has been living and studying in France, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands since 2014. A translator and interpreter by profession, she enjoys talking and debating just about anything.

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