Month: November 2018

[Documentary] North Korea’s Secret Slaves: Dollar Heroes

The Why, A Danish public media agency, has released an investigative documentary into North Korean slavery labourers in the world – in Poland, Russia, Norway, and China. It is currently available for viewing on national outlets (on NPO in the Netherlands, for example) The film will be released worldwide on their project page (Why Slavery) on December 2nd, 2018. Here is a 5-minute version edit of the documentary The film has also been screened at the European Parliament (9 Oct 2018), and at the British Foreign & Commonwealth Office (18 Oct 2018). Updated: Here is the full-length film (59 minutes).   References Dollar Heroes – Valuta voor de dictator (Dutch language version) North Korea’s Secret Slaves: Dollar Heroes NPO, 7 Feb 2018 59 minutes Noord-Koreaanse dwangarbeiders bouwden mee aan Nederlandse schepen (en hun loon ging naar Kim Jong-un) North Korean Slave Lavourers build Dutch ships (And their salary goes to Kim Jong-Un De Correspondent, 6 Feb 2018