About Me

Hi! I’m Emily. I live in the Netherlands. I’m a human rights worker, interpreter & translator, and a researcher in feminism, South Korea, and technology.

In another life I would have been: born in Germany, raised in Canada, or become a Conference Interpreter. Some people who inspire me are: Pina Bausch, Chimamanda Adichie and Ferdinand Hempfling. My favourite poets are Liz Lochhead, rupi kaur and Ijeoma Umebinyo.

People like to guess where I’m from from my accent when I speak English. So far, my favourite responses are: “Wisconsin?”, “So, I’m like Scottish-American, maybe German?”, and “uh girl, we need to talk”.

You can reach me at: iamemilysingh [at] protonmail [dot] com (I no longer have access to the iamemilysingh @ gmail.com account).