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Apgujeong in Photos (3) – Signboards Special

Seoul Laser Clinic (dermatology) ‘Copenhagen Donkatsu’ – why? One-table restaurants have been the epitome of trendy dining since some time in Seoul ‘Plastic SurgeonKim Jae-joong’s Clinic’ Justin Davis Apgujeong Johnny Walker at Rodeo Drive Ralph Lauren at Dosan Park

Apgujeong in Photos (1)

Apgujeong is a fun place to scout, being full of people looking for brunch, shoppers, busy workers from nearby Nonhyeon or Seocho areas, and home to high-end boutiques and designer houses. Apgujeong is also a residential area Won Buddhist Temple at Apgujeong The building above this parking lot was an interior design boutique Somang Church is famous for its affluent members, including former president Lee Myung-bak (The letters read ‘Jesus Life’) Seoul Auction Near Hakdong Junction ‘Ello there! A building that looks Martin Margiela-ish A stylist and photographer, perhaps? Heights Park Apartments CGV Cinema / Seoul Auction Maison Hermès at Dosan Park Tweet tweet At an  abandoned building

Cheongnyangni in Photos

August 2014 Cheongnyangni is a very interesting part of town. There are traditional markets, department stores, and a red light district, all adjacent to one another. It’s always crowded here. The elevators are (supposed to be) reserved for the elderly and those carrying heavy baggage Funny cloud alert An 80s-90s apartment complex Cheongnyangni is famous for its ‘entertainment’, adult karaokes, porn showrooms, love hotels, and right around the corner from the train station, the red light district. I once took a cab and the driver took a wrong turn. It was embarrassing for the both of us (well, more for him). ‘Hyundai Core Apartments’ It’s fashionable (and costly) to have your aircon hanging outside your window (I asked the interior designer who’s doing my grandma’s apartment). ‘Hot yoga’, ‘Hagwon’ ‘Office rentals’ ‘ Go lessons’ ‘Accountant Choi’ Koreans hate pigeons. I showed my friend this picture and she screamed. It’s because pigeons apparently spread germs when they flap their wings. To my knowledge, no one has been hospitalised for ‘pigeon germ flu’, just like no one has been …