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[YouTube] Korean Babies Make It Better (& Why Biblical Names Have a Korean Twist)

Image description: Two young children are seen on a still image. One is a boy holding his hand up, counting to four. One is a girl smiling into the camera. The video caption reads ” What is 3-year olds introduce themselves?” As a researcher in gender, I read and write about a lot of depressing topics. This is why I make sure to spend everyday watching one of Studio V (AKA Village Video)’s “Eye Level” videos. It’s a bunch of adorable babies being adorable, but even when watching this I can’t help myself but notice gender differences in how they act sometimes. “Baul” (바울) is the old biblical translation of Paul. In previous translations of the bible (and maybe even the current one – it’s been some time since I’ve read one), the original names were first transcribed into Chinese, then read according to the Korean pronunciation of classical Chinese characters (hanja, 한자). Another example of this is “Dain” (다인), which is a translation of David.

My First Moral Dilemma In Korea

“Samsung Aptitude Test Center for New Recruits” Image source: Etoday News Yes, you read that right. A Moral Dilemma. And no, I’m not talking about political choice or anything fancy like that. Last year, approximately 100,000 graduates applied to take the SSAT, Samsung Aptitude Test. What? There’s a standardized exam to work for a private company? Just for a managerial job? And they rent entire school buildings for it? And people pay up to 200,000 KRW (approx. 200$ for online crash courses? And universities bring in private tutors and provide weeks or months-long courses to prep graduates? Well, actually, this may not have the shock value I was hoping for, since you already know I’m writing about South Korea. But anyway. Despite the booming economy in East Asia (as compared to the US and Western Europe anyway), it’s becoming tougher and tougher to find a job in South Korea, especially if you’re leaving university with only a Bachelor’s degree. What? Isn’t that what BA graduates do, go work in companies, just precisely because they didn’t want …