Real Koreans

In 2014, I started this blog to grapple with my own identity as both a Korean and a non-Korean. I was told that Koreans and Korea were certain fixed ways, and that anyone outside of this box was simply, not Korean (enough). But over the years, I met more and more people who were different, who were a bit more like me. Everyone who love(/hate)s Korea and understands Korea is a Real Korean – at least, to me.

Since mid-2014, I’ve been living in Central Europe, and exploring what it means to be part of the Korean diaspora. Being part of the diaspora drew me out of my little South Korean bubble, in which most of my friends shared the same socio-economic heritage.

I do not claim to provide an expert’s view on all topics. I’m always learning. When I do write, I source my information from credible journals or newspapers and/or by directly talking to people whose lived experiences and research can contribute to the topic at hand.

I haven’t monetised my blog and I have a day job – meaning I do not publish regularly. To stay tuned, please subscribe to my blog and you will be updated of any new posts.

All comments are approved manually before they’re published. This is due to a torrential amount of trolls, circular arguments and profanity on some topics.

And to paraphrase a couple of sentences that always make me cry when the plane lands in Chennai (Courtesy of Jet Airways):

To international readers: Welcome to Real Korea.
To fellow Koreans: Welcome home.