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Originally posted on Matt Lemon Photography:
Snapshot(s)* from the biggest-ever Queer Parade at Seoul Plaza. Seoul, South Korea. © Matt Lemon Photography. All Rights Reserved. Despite a military crackdown on gay servicemen, politicians refusing to enact anti-discrimination legislation, and fundamentalist faith groups engaging in “Homosexuality Countermeasures”, South Korea has just witnessed its biggest-ever queer parade. A recap of the last six months in LGBT news. Not later, now! On July 15, 2017, members of Korea’s LGBT+ community and their allies came together for the biggest-ever Queer Parade, highlight of the annual Korea Queer Culture Festival (퀴어문화축제, KQCF). Now in its 18th year, the festival has seen its attendance skyrocket from some 50 people at the inaugural event in 2000 to this year’s turnout of a whopping 85,000 people. Not minding the, at times, torrential rain, the crowd first gathered at Seoul Plaza in front of City Hall, before marching and dancing through Jongno-gu and Jung-gu. This year’s slogan – “There’s no LATER. We demand a CHANGE NOW!” 나중은 없다. 지금 우리가 바꾼다! – is a reference to an incident…

Seoulsearching Day 4: Yoeonhui-dong

Yeonhui-dong is best known for Yonsei University, the country’s prestigious private university, which was founded, like many others, in the 1900s by American missionaries. The school, while known for its liberal politics and vibrant student culture, also requires all students to enrol in religious studies courses (“Chapel” classes), regardless of their faith or study programme. Young South Koreans love coffee / There should be more dustbins in public spaces A giant Hello Kitty for a Hello Kitty-loving friend. I had to inform her that HK has proven to be inspired largely by Miffy/Ninjntje. Sunset on campus A view on Severance Hospital Yeonhui-dong is definitely part of Old Town Seoul. A stack of cartons which symbolise the elderly poverty issue in South Korea. See Korea Exposé’s “No Country for Old People” (14 Sept 2014, by Se-Woong Koo) and NPR’s “A Forgotten Generation: Half Of South Korea’s Elderly Live In Poverty” (10 April 2015). Cheap cool drinks for the hot summer Belgian beers seem to be making their way into South Korean hypermarkets Gone are the days …

[Travel] Seoul by Erika Henell (May 2015)

S E O U L from Erika Henell on Vimeo.       Here’s a video of Seoul’s major tourist destinations and nightlife by blogger Erika Henell. I’ve been following her blog since a few years, and found out she recently visited Seoul. She often posts daily outfits and makeup tutorials inspired by Korean and Japanese celebrities (as of recently, Park Bom seems to be one of her faves), as well as cosplay and gyaru looks. The video provides a sneak peek into: Hongdae: Mecenapolis & street performances Gyeongbokgung Palace Myeongdong shopping center Korean food Namsan Tower Insadong Seoul Nightlife   This review was posted on 25 November 2015 on Blogger.

[Photography] Hao x Ozon

My friend Hao and Ozon are stating  a new photography project in Seoul. nights by hao, days by ozon Hao is an interpreter by day and photographer by night. Well. I think he does daytime pictures too, but this sounds cooler.         Sleeping Beauty 白雪公主 is translated as White Snow Princess in East Asia. In this Beijing photoshoot, Hao simply changed first letter to 黑 (black). He was awarded the Grand Prize at Benetton Korea’s yearly photography contest.

Korea University in Photos

Today I visited the university I did my Bachelor’s at  to meet some friends, and took advantage of the beautiful weather to take some photos. There are so many international students on campus in fall, about 1400 this year, which is a lot considering only about 2000 new students are admitted every year. When I got to campus, a welcoming party was en route and a cheering session was planned for the evening. Media Hall, constructed 2013. View from Samsung Centennial Digital Library (Yes, it really is called that) Graduate school library, home to many frustrated doctorate candidates and postdocs who smoke outside the building looking glum. Close-up of one of the towers at graduate school library Basketball court – man pointing his finger is the traffic officer. Students eating Chinese delivery in front of the Main Hall, a designated historical site and administrative building. A group of students were gathering by the staircase for a group photo Posters promoting university societies, clubs, and graduate recruiting events Some of the posters read: “Calling all investors”, “Doosan …